July 2011
G: (g colon)

May 27th 2011
New photos in works/05.

April 28th 2011
New photos in works/05.
New menu 'blog' links to my tumblr.

February 9th 2011
NEW! works/05 section.

(exhibition) Process for Progress
November 4th-16th 2010
@ Gallery Boda Contemporary
more info

September 25th 2010
NEW! works/04 section.
"Iceberg" and "Hangman".

September 1st 2010
I've updated the works/03 section.
"Green Roof", "Aladdin's Tent", "the Moon".

(exhibition) ASYAAF
August 11th-23th 2010
@ SungShin Women's University

August 6th 2010
renewal open.

(exhibition) Team Preview
April 23th - July 23th 2010
@ Alternative Space TEAM_PREVIEW